Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rainbow End of the Year Party

End of the Year Rainbow Party
Well my son has finished his first year of nursery school - I am feeling a little sad but also excited for him.  I was able to help decorate for the end of the year Rainbow party.  I created the paper link banners and we hung them near the art station, under the umbrella and on the half wall near the favors.  The favors were colorful sand buckets, swirly straws and bubble wands.  The kids created fruit loop necklaces and had a lot of fun playing.  It was great to see them in a different environment then school.  
For dessert I made rainbow cupcakes.  I used a marshmallow to hold on the bottom of the skewer then layered the rainbow colored cupcakes with icing in between.  This was a hit with even the moms and dads!  (it was humid that day and the icing started to melt a little so keep cool as long as you can)

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