Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Traditions - Wedding Cake Top

Tuesday Traditions - What to do with the top of your cake?

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue - Wedding Traditions have been around forever; Just like keeping some of your wedding cake and eating it on your first anniversary.  I know how excited I was to rekindle apart of my wedding day on my first anniversary.  I thought I would share with you what my baker told me regarding my cake top.

The proper way to freeze your wedding cake top so that it tastes GOOD a year later:
After the wedding make sure your mom or MOH takes the cake home. You will be so busy on your honeymoon to worry.  Wrap in plastic wrap, then in tin foil.  If there is room in your freezer also place in a plastic container (ziploc, rubbermaid etc).  Label and place at back of freezer.

Tradition states that you need to eat it a year later but I think your 6 month anniversary would be another perfect time.  Take the cake out the morning you want to eat it and by dinner it will be ready to enjoy.  I bet if you ask your baker she would make you a small cake or even 2 cupcakes on your 1 year anniversary.

Another tradition a wedding client of mine tried was to eat some cake every month!  She cut her cake topper into 12 pieces and individually wrapped them, then on the month anniversary, took one piece of cake out of the freezer and she and her hubby got to enjoy throughout the year.

Did you eat your wedding cake?  Did it taste good a year later?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to Set Up a Dessert Table

I love to set a pretty table, Easter lunch or just a dinner party and especially a fun dessert table at a party.  Beautiful Dessert tables are very popular right now so I thought I would share a few tips on setting up your own.  It is not hard, just takes some pre planning.

There are 6 Basic elements to creating the table display.

1-Pick a location in your home.  Move the kitchen table against a wall, use the island, or set up a table outside.  Make it a central location and think of kid traffic and of course the weather.

2-Think of the backdrop; hang fabric or a curtain, use a banner, line up balloons or streamers.

I love the tulle backdrop Giggles Galore used for this peacock party.

3-When placing food on the table think height, either one tall in the center or two tall on the ends.  Stack together cake stands or wrap a small box as a riser, this will give visual interest.  Use flower pots, suitcases, buckets, a guitar case, etc - make the table interesting and have a layered look.

Wrap styrofoam with tissues paper to create a fun cake pop display and centerpiece.

Here I used an oatmeal container, wrapped in coordinating paper and voila - a riser.

4-When planning the food think age appropriate and fun to go with your theme.  In the above picture I just renamed the cake pops to match the theme.  I also made pinwheel sandwiches to serve at the Pinwheel party.  For a Rainbow party, set up the colorful fruit in a rainbow shape.  For a Sesame Street party, make Cookie Monster some chocolate chip cookies and for an Airplane party, serve lunch in bento/to go containers.  Also make sure the colors of the food blend with the theme.

5-Printables - To make your life a lot easier find a company (etsy, etc) that you can purchase party products  - such as invitations, banner, cupcake toppers, favor tags etc.  You can order them already printed or print them yourself on nice 80lb cardstock.  This is a good option if you don't want the standard stuff from a big box stores.

6-and lastly Drinks!  Make sure you consider your guests, little people and the adults when deciding on drinks.  Try covering juice boxes and water bottles in paper.  Izze Drinks come in a cool bottle to serve and are colorful.  Think of the party colors, ex: orange soda and root beer were perfect for a Halloween Party.

I would love to hear you tips or tricks on what you do!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shower Games

I am planning a baby shower for a client and she asked me about games or an activity to do during the party.  'What games if any should we play?'  I say 'Yes' to the games but they do need to be appropriate.  I thought I would share my favorites with you.  Most of these can be adapted to a Bridal or Baby Showers.

Write down in grid style items she has on her registry.  Put one item in each block and each game sheet needs to be a little different.
Right before the guest of honor starts to open gifts, hand out pens and a game to every guest.  When she opens a gift and its on your game sheet mark it off, just like in the game BINGO.   Winner yells Bride or Baby and can receive a small gift.  This really keeps all guests involved and is fun!
I thought I would share a FREE printable game - click on this PDF

The one go to activity for either a bridal or baby shower is to get guests to offer their advice or suggestions.  Make it easy and lay out some paper and pens - you can always make it into a scrapbook later.  Designate a bridesmaid or sister to encourage guests to write something.

A very fun activity to do at a baby shower is to decorate onsies for the new baby.  Place cardboard and wax paper between layers to prevent bleeding and offer puffy paint, stamps and fabric markers.  Paint a neck tie, write a nursery rhyme or stamp duckies on the tushy!  Imagine the cuteness!

Following are two more bridal shower games but they do take a little pre planning:

1-Ask the bride and groom time related questions about themselves, such as When did they meet, What time does the bride wake up, How long were they engaged etc.  Type up the questions and ask guests at the shower; play in teams or individually.  Don't forget a small prize to the winner.
2-In the invitation ask all guests to tell you something about when they met the guest of honor or when they first met the better half.  Put each answer on paper, fold and place in a box or bag.  The guest of honor reads a piece of paper and then has to figure out who wrote it.  We did this at my bridal shower and it was so funny.

I would love to hear what you like to do at a shower and if you try any of these things.