Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Bet

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to make sure I eat produce at every meal.  This should not be hard since I do that for my kids but sometimes I just get lazy.

I have been pretty good- I cut out a snack before bed and I try to exercise more but needed a little kick in the bum!  A few blogging moms in the Philly area have taken a challenge to loose 4% of our body weight in 28 days.  The game is called DietBet: social dieting- because your friends are the best motivators.  We each placed a bet of $25, then last night we went down to Tony Lukes in S. Philly for a weigh in.  Tony Jr. was great about inspiring us and telling us his tricks; since he has lost over 130 lbs in the last year.  Whoever loses the weight WINS!

This is Week One and my main goal is to make a lifestyle change.  I have 2 children and an awesome husband so I am not interested in making a different meal for myself or depriving myself, just want to do it all better.

And to get me motivated - how about this awesome quote from Tony Luke himself:
"You will never keep the weight off if you don't make it a lifestyle change and if you don't make exercising as important a part of your life as getting up and showering in the morning."

So follow me on this adventure to get a little healthier, feel better about my mommy body and get in shape for the summer!  For more information on how this works go check out DietBet or check them out on Facebook or Twitter @dietbet.  I encourage words of support and trash talking from my competitors!

Disclosure: I am not being compensated for this or any dietbet post.  I do hope we all win this bet and get to spilt the pot.

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