Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Bet - Week 2

Week 2 of playing the game.  (Recap here.)  I realize that one of the hardest times to stay on track in eating healthy is when you go to a dinner party or attending a Birthday party!  Especially since now the dessert table is the main focal point of those parties and pizza is what is usually served.

Here are some tips on watching what you eat at the party.  I know you already KNOW these things but its a nice reminder.

#1 Don't show up to the party hungry!
#2 Definitely check out the fruit skewers and go ahead dip those carrots!
#3 Hold a water bottle so you aren't tempted to keep munching.
#4 Stand away from the food area.
#5 Only eat half of the cupcake.

A Diet is not about depriving yourself, you won't stay on track that way.  Just limit your proportions.

I also wanted to give shout outs to the other awesome women playing this game with me- we are all going to be big losers together!!!  Dietbet is a great way to loose weight especially if you do it with friends!!
Heather Wray - Local Fun for Kids
Kelly Jopson-Brown - The Turnip Farmer
Kelly Moran - Delco Deal Diva
Mary Ellen Mannix - James's Project
Jennifer Pohlhaus - Harmonic Mama
Dana Jackowicz - Single Mom in the City
Stephanie Glover - A Grand Life
Joey Fortman - Real Mom Media

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