Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ahoy Matey!

I was thinking about designing a Pirate Party, finding lots of inspiration on Pinterest etc when I was approached by Costume Discounters to review a costume.  I immediately jumped on the idea of checking out a childs pirate costume.  I just love it when the birthday kid dresses up for the party.

Here is a picture of my son in the costume - he couldn't wait to play 'pirate'!! Argggg!   All he needs now is a sword and an eye patch!  I might have to head to the craft store and make an eye patch with some black felt.

He wasn't so sure about the hat, it has long hair attached and he kept telling me that only girls have long hair.  HA HA

The costume is great; the shirt and vest are attached so its just pants, top, belt and hat.  I know this will lend to lots of imagination play.  Costumes aren't just for Halloween!  I think I need to order the pirate princess costume for my little girl.

I also like to encourage guests to help play up the theme by wearing a certain color, costume or offering accessories.  For my sons Elmo Party I encouraged everyone to wear red!

If you are crafty you can make eye patches or you can purchase eye patches and swords from Oriental Trading- hand them out to all guests when they arrive.

Use this great backdrop from Oriental Trading behind your food table.  Add sails and the birthday banner to the top of the table and the table becomes a pirate ship.

How about this Pirate ship cake?

You know you need to keep the kids entertained, here are some outdoor activities:
Have a treasure hunt - fill your sand box with beads, jewels and other fun treasures.

Walk the plank - put a 2x4 piece of wood over some blocks and have the kids walk across barefoot - maybe put a mini pool underneath in case they go overboard.

In addition to the eye patches and swords you must hand out gold coins (chocolate of course) as a parting favor.  A pirate can never have too much treasure!

Check out Talk like a pirate for more party inspiration.

Disclaimer:  Thanks to Costume Discounters for providing us this sample to review.

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