Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Traditions

Family Traditions are little things that you do with your family over and over again so they become a ritual.  You create a memory within your family that will remind you of love, happiness and unity. You can do things that your parents did with you or you can start creating your own.  
These rituals can be as simple as opening Christmas stockings before opening presents on Christmas morning, having breakfast in bed on Father's day, roasting pumpkin seeds on the eve of Halloween or jumping on the bed every night before bed.
I am sure you already do this and don't even think of these rituals as family traditions.    Adding some traditions to your family can really help bring everyone closer especially with the hectic lifestyles we all lead.  My children are young so we are still creating traditions but some of my favorites so far include: 
Chair pictures - I took pictures of my children every month when they were babies and now every year on their birthday, in the same chair!  It is so neat to see how they grow and change.
Snuggle Saturday's - we bring the kids in bed with us and cuddle and talk about what we are going to do for the weekend and who is going to make breakfast.
Our group of friends get together every Memorial Day for a picnic in the park.  Everyone chips in by bringing food, and all the kids get to play together while the parents get caught up and kick off summer!
I have friends that have pizza every Friday night or pancakes every Sunday morning.
I would love to hear some of your family traditions?  What should I look forward to as my kids get older?

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