Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Traditions

photo from ChasingSuperMom

Every child loves their birthday so celebrating more then once a year is a hit in most families.  As you know I love adding to family traditions, whether they happen on their own or you encourage them.

So when exactly is your half birthday?  Well just add 6 months to your date and voila: August 1 = Feb 1 = Another fun day to celebrate.  This is especially great if your child has a summer birthday, so you can celebrate during the school year or a December birthday, you can celebrate away from a major holiday or heck if you are a baby, you must celebrate every 6 months for at least 2 years!

You don't have to go crazy, just a little fuss and you will make the half birthday child's day! Take a break from the normal grind and do something special.   Host a small play group: Start the party at half past the hour, serve half sandwiches, half a watermelon full of fruit, cookies dipped half way in white chocolate, decorate half the room and of course serve half of a birthday cake.  Sing "Happy Half Birthday" and have all the guests sign a birthday card -cut in half.

Half birthdays are low key, no stress and FUN!   If a party is too much consider serving a half stack of pancakes in the morning with # of candles and then a tiny 'half' candle.

Do you celebrate your child's half birthday?  I would love to hear stories of what you do!

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