Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Traditions

Breakfast!  Maybe you have guessed by now but I love to go crazy on birthdays.  Starting when the kids wake up all the way until bed time or sometimes even they get a whole week to celebrate.  You know family parties, friend parties, school etc.  Sometimes we celebrate for a long time.

Start with breakfast - Make pancakes into shapes.  The # birthday, a flower shape, letters - possibilities are endless.

The best way to make these type of pancakes is to use a baster or get one of those condiment containers from the $ store.  Cut off the end to make it wider.

Oh and candles and sprinkles/jimmies!  Don't forget those!  

While on pinterest I discovered these awesome birthday pancakes from How Sweet It Is - cake batter and jimmies TOGETHER!!!  

what have you done for your kids for their birthday breakfast?

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