Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Children Picture Tips

We had our family picture take over the weekned at home in front of our Christmas tree!  I am so excited to have our tree and stockings in the pictures. Our kids actually did awesome and I think a few smiles were caught.

I was reading up on tips to take pictures (since I am no professional).  Thought I would share them with you and hopefully they will be helpful in taking your holiday picture or for Christmas morning.

8-Turn on lights, open curtains - let as much natural light in as possible.

7-Timing - after kids are fed and of course not too tired.

6-Give them something to hold on to or catch them as they are opening a present.  Looking at the camera is not necessary.
Use wrapped gifts, small chairs, ornaments, stockings etc.

5-Get down on their level (yes that could mean laying on the floor)

4- If they are getting ansy how about giving them a candy cane or lollipop?

3-Put them inside a box and give them tissue paper.

2-Take your flash off and move them 6-10 feet away - the tree lights will be blurry and the childs face will be prominent.

and my #1 advice is to talk to your kids, prep them for what you expect.  "Later today we are having our picture taken, Ok - are we ready for some fun smiles with daddy?  Lets get close and smile, can you hug your sister now, show mommy the angel on the tree,  where is your stocking? do you want the candy cane I promised you"

Happy Smiles to your family
for more tips check out Tip Junkie! or Click it up a notch

"I am done Mommy"

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