Thursday, December 29, 2011

Balloons and Streamers!!

So if you are planning a get together for toddlers, teens or adults balloons are always a VERY easy way to decorate.  Fill your family room with them and let the streamers hang low. I suggest picking 2 colors only to coordinate with your theme.  I love this picture from Martha Stewart - silver and white - perfect for a New Years Eve celebration or a birthday party!  Would also be great in black and gold!  Pass out some horns and voila - instant party! (be careful with children under 6 with balloons and popping) 

Another neat way to use balloons at a New Years Eve party is to create a balloon drop.  You can purchase a balloon net at a Party Store or at Amazon.  DIY using a sheet or plastic tarp with balloons and attach to ceiling lights, ceiling fan etc and leave one side available to untie.  More specific directions here.  Don't forget to add some candy and confetti inside the drop!
Voila - Festive Happy New Year!

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