Monday, November 28, 2011

Elf- A Christmas Tradition

So our Elf Bob arrived over the weekend and I was talking to some friends and they didn't know who or what the Elf was about so I thought I would share with your our experiences and encourage you to check it out.  Its a great Christmas tradition to start and maybe one day will help your child to believe for just one more year.  

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition includes a cute little Elf and Book that explains the story.  Basically the Elf arrives (when ever you want, we do it the weekend after Thanksgiving) and you read the story to your child.  Your child names the Elf and he watches over and reports back to Santa the children's good or bad behavior.
The book says you can't touch the Elf and the Elf can't talk to you but you can certainly talk to the Elf and tell him what you want and he will go tell Santa.  You can get the Elf with blue or brown eyes and even with a cute little skirt.  You can officially adopt him on their official website and stay tuned for another CBS viewing of the movie.

Parents move him around and even have him play fun games on the kids.  Get creative - I have seen awesome ideas on Pinterest like have him hang from the ceiling fan, make snow angels in flour, ride a toy truck and TP the Christmas tree.

Check out some ideas over at The Party Dress, or I love #48 here at Blossom Bunkhouse
and don't forget to buy it here.

Please share with me what your Elf is doing these days!

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