Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Memories

I have two kids and an awesome husband so there are many things I want to remember.  I am always thinking of ways to document memories, not just pictures but words, sayings, activities, anniversaries, trips and of course birthdays.  I am determined to make my kids baby books complete but as I write this I have a stack of pictures, a calendar and their books on my dining room table.

I also keep an anniversary photo album that my husband and I fill out every year on our anniversary; basically a picture of us and 3-5 sentences about the past year and maybe the cost of milk and gas at that time.

When I came across a book just for birthday's I jumped on it and purchased two from Amazon.  Your Birthday Book is set up to be fun, quick and very casual.  The early years you do most of the filling in, then it evolves to work on together then finally your teenager might want to fill it out themselves.

There is a place for pictures of your child on their birthday, a questionnaire about the party, gifts and funny things they are doing and a place to put the invitation.  This time capsule section is also great for hand tracings, a sock, artwork or a newspaper headline.


I think I will go add this to our dining room table - I have to add my son's 3rd birthday party info.
Do you do anything besides a traditional baby book?

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