Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beverage displays

When you are planning your party you need to also think a little about presentation. There are so many neat ways to serve food and drink. What do you have around your house? What can you change or adapt to work for your party?  Try to think beyond a cooler full of beer.

Since we are mostly talking children's parties you need to think about the little ones but also the adults that are coming with their kids.

Here I used my punch bowl (finally able to use a wedding present) and wine glasses for an extra touch.  Think about what you are serving, I chose orange cream soda and root beer because it went with my color scheme.

I also picked up this great glass dispenser at Homegoods (yes I have a small obsession with that place).  I know they are also at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Just pay attention to how much liquid it holds.

I like a clear glass container because you can use the color of the drink to go with your party theme.  Great way to add a little detail.   Bed Bath and Beyond also has this great red bucket dispenser.  Picture this with a barnyard theme or a BBQ.
check out this cute idea from Simply Creative Insanity for kids AND grownups!

Great display for drinks from The TomKat Studio

So don't forget the drinks at your party - they need the love too!

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