Monday, November 28, 2011

Elf- A Christmas Tradition

So our Elf Bob arrived over the weekend and I was talking to some friends and they didn't know who or what the Elf was about so I thought I would share with your our experiences and encourage you to check it out.  Its a great Christmas tradition to start and maybe one day will help your child to believe for just one more year.  

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition includes a cute little Elf and Book that explains the story.  Basically the Elf arrives (when ever you want, we do it the weekend after Thanksgiving) and you read the story to your child.  Your child names the Elf and he watches over and reports back to Santa the children's good or bad behavior.
The book says you can't touch the Elf and the Elf can't talk to you but you can certainly talk to the Elf and tell him what you want and he will go tell Santa.  You can get the Elf with blue or brown eyes and even with a cute little skirt.  You can officially adopt him on their official website and stay tuned for another CBS viewing of the movie.

Parents move him around and even have him play fun games on the kids.  Get creative - I have seen awesome ideas on Pinterest like have him hang from the ceiling fan, make snow angels in flour, ride a toy truck and TP the Christmas tree.

Check out some ideas over at The Party Dress, or I love #48 here at Blossom Bunkhouse
and don't forget to buy it here.

Please share with me what your Elf is doing these days!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kid Size Thanksgiving Desserts

I am planning to make a pecan pie for Thanksgiving but I was looking for some options for my little ones.
While perusing pinterest I came across these adorable cupcakes from or or these pilgram cookies from Women's Day.

Do you do something special for your kids?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Tree

It's important to remember what we are thankful for on Thanksgiving - to encourage kids to express their thankfulness have them write a single word on a cut out paper leaf, have the entire family do this then hang them on a tree (a tree branch stuck down in a flower pot as seen on or BHG)
With little ones - you can talk to them about being thankful, even if its for mommy and daddy or his toy truck.

There are free leaf printables available at BHG (also seen on the Today Show).
Do you discuss what you are thankful for on Turkey Day?

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Cornucopia of Fun

Snack Trap Meets Fun - I came aross these over the weekend at Gourmet Mom on the Go - and just had to share them with you. They seem easy to whip up and not only will it look great on the kids table but it will be perfect for snacking while the bird cooks!  I even think my toddler can hold these.

Click on over for directions on how to make the 'cone' and snacks.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Kids Table

Growing up I always had to sit at the kids table for holiday meals while the adults sat at the big long nice dining table.  I remember being younger and really not liking it.   Thinking back it was the best - So I got to thinking - how can we spruce up the 'kids table' to make it special and memorable?!

Enjoy the outside one more time and go on a nature hunt and look for pretty leaves and acorns to fill a bowl, let that be your centerpiece.

Use the kids crafting table or a card table - cover it with brown craft paper (found at any craft store), Put a few small containers full of crayons on the table along with this fun turkey coloring sheet.

Before the meal set up station - the kids can create their own Turkey Hats.  I cut out my own turkey feathers using scrapbook paper but I used the turkey body pattern found here from Skip to My Lou.

My kids and I created these cute Turkey handprints to send to grandparents.  My 3 year old wouldn't stay out of the paint and my 18 month old wanted nothing to do with it.  I found out the trick is a little paint goes a LONG way and there was no way I could do each finger in a different paint!  These can also be laminated and made into place mats, perfect to bring out next year.  

Happy Thanksgiving - would love to hear your comments on what you remember from your kids table or what you plan to do this year!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beverage displays

When you are planning your party you need to also think a little about presentation. There are so many neat ways to serve food and drink. What do you have around your house? What can you change or adapt to work for your party?  Try to think beyond a cooler full of beer.

Since we are mostly talking children's parties you need to think about the little ones but also the adults that are coming with their kids.

Here I used my punch bowl (finally able to use a wedding present) and wine glasses for an extra touch.  Think about what you are serving, I chose orange cream soda and root beer because it went with my color scheme.

I also picked up this great glass dispenser at Homegoods (yes I have a small obsession with that place).  I know they are also at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Just pay attention to how much liquid it holds.

I like a clear glass container because you can use the color of the drink to go with your party theme.  Great way to add a little detail.   Bed Bath and Beyond also has this great red bucket dispenser.  Picture this with a barnyard theme or a BBQ.
check out this cute idea from Simply Creative Insanity for kids AND grownups!

Great display for drinks from The TomKat Studio

So don't forget the drinks at your party - they need the love too!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Memories

I have two kids and an awesome husband so there are many things I want to remember.  I am always thinking of ways to document memories, not just pictures but words, sayings, activities, anniversaries, trips and of course birthdays.  I am determined to make my kids baby books complete but as I write this I have a stack of pictures, a calendar and their books on my dining room table.

I also keep an anniversary photo album that my husband and I fill out every year on our anniversary; basically a picture of us and 3-5 sentences about the past year and maybe the cost of milk and gas at that time.

When I came across a book just for birthday's I jumped on it and purchased two from Amazon.  Your Birthday Book is set up to be fun, quick and very casual.  The early years you do most of the filling in, then it evolves to work on together then finally your teenager might want to fill it out themselves.

There is a place for pictures of your child on their birthday, a questionnaire about the party, gifts and funny things they are doing and a place to put the invitation.  This time capsule section is also great for hand tracings, a sock, artwork or a newspaper headline.


I think I will go add this to our dining room table - I have to add my son's 3rd birthday party info.
Do you do anything besides a traditional baby book?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Little Details = Big Impact 1

So whenever I am planning a party, I try to come up with lots of little details that you might not notice each individually but all put together it makes a huge impact. I hope to share these with you on my blog.

I really like dessert tables, neat containers or risers, fun ways to serve food or drink etc.
A few months ago I came across Shop Sweet Lulu - they have the most adorable unique party items.

As you can see I sort of went with a polka dot theme in showing you these things but they have many choices. Shop Sweet Lulu

treat bags, paper straws, washi tape, 36in balloons, candy tubes
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Party Food

Do you get overwhelmed when trying to choose and make food for a birthday party?  Kids love pizza but sometimes pizza is over done - Pizza pinwheels are a fun alternative, easy to make and as a bonus - fun for the kids to eat.

Pillsbury has the recipe here:

and if you want to do a pinwheel bar and offer lots of options add a ham and chedder and taco.

if this seems all too much just head over to Big Box stores and buy some frozen pinwheel food.
Do you have any must make food that kids will love?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cars 2 DVD release Celebration

   Today is the release of Cars 2 DVD - so that is a good excuse for a little celebration; invite some kids over for a playdate and have a movie viewing party.

Serve up some CARS chicken nuggets from Perdue or these great Mater sandwiches and how about these cute fruit skewers using kids favorites banana and strawberries.

Who doesn't love stickers?  My 17 month old is obsessed - Just print out on sticker paper and print from here.
For the older kids check out this cool Racer's Road Manual from -Print it here and put it together yourself.

For all the little ladies - how about Holly Shiftwell felt hair clippy?  I am definitly going to make this for my little girl.  Stay tuned for a tutorial.

Just like most moms I tend to get my kids a gift or surprise even if its not for a specific holiday.  My son would love this Cars Launcher on Amazon. Birthday time, Movie premier time or Anytime!
Turn on the movie, sit back and KaChow!