Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spooktacular Party

It is almost Halloween Weekend, are you ready for your party?  I have always loved this holiday.  It's my dad's birthday so we have always really celebrated - I loved my dad taking my brother and I trick or treating every year.  I've put together a few Halloween party ideas for you if you need some last minute help.  These ideas can be used for any age group.

You should start by dressing your front entrance.  Make an impression as soon as guests arrive.  Wrap white lights around your pumpkins, stack them up or line your walkway.  You could also use tiki torches and scarecrows!

For the food table - Consider Cake Pops, dressed up marshmallows, brownies in bat shapes, old candle sticks and a banner that says Boo!  Frozen Banana Pops from are a great kid friendly food.  Definitely make custom labels to replace generic orange soda and root beer.    I especially like Toxic Elixer!  For decor: String candy corn using fishing line on your mantle or around your chandelier.  Other homemade and very easy things to do: 1-cut up an old diapers box, paint it and stick it in your yard. BEWARE! 2-hang a large bed sheet from some tree branches and paint a ghost, scarecrow and witch.  Punch holes in the face and hand - Great photo 'booth' at your party!

and a fun game to play with people of all ages -
Dress the Mummy:
  1. Divide the kids into teams of two and give each pair a roll of white crepe paper or toilet paper. Instruct one member of each team to race to wrap his partner, mummy-style, at the sound of the music (play something devilish, such as "The Monster Mash"). Kids must use up the whole roll, avoiding the head and wrapping arms separately from the torso.
  2. Once wrapped, the mummy hops to a finish line, holding his arms to his sides and trying not to break any of the wrapping.
  3. and a nice favor for everyone to take home - how about some yummy caramel apples from Gertrude Hawk Chocolates.
    Hope your party is a huge success!
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  1. Omg...I LOVE that candy corn on fishing line idea!!!!! Halloween snuck up on me this year. This trick and the diaper box are definitely now on my to-do list for the weekend!!